about us


R + T Studio is a real estate development and consulting company based in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

We believe that cities and towns exist to make our lives better, and that they should be designed to provide an environment in which human beings can flourish and thrive. Our practice aims for the recovery of good human communities through the renewal of our neighborhoods and public places.

We engage in incremental real estate development projects in the greater Brazos Valley, focusing on the revitalization of small towns and cities through infill development and redevelopment of traditional neighborhoods and historic properties. 

Through our consulting practice, we provide local businesses, governments, and non-profits with the tools and expertise they need to merge good policy with sound development principles to foster long-term, broad-based, organic growth. By merging expertise in public policy, economic and real estate development, and architecture and urban design, R + T Studio is able to provide their clients with streamlined solutions that consider the entire spectrum of city-building issues.


Our Philosophy

1.           We believe that the character of a city’s physical environment informs the character of its moral environment. Winston Churchill said that “we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” Nowhere is this statement more true than in the moral landscape of our cities and towns. Our homes and workplaces, our streets, roads, and public spaces shape how we interact with our families and neighbors, our colleagues, and the strangers we meet on the street. They are the physical embodiment of our culture, and they profoundly affect the ways in which we think about ourselves and our fellow citizens. Therefore, we are committed to building places that inspire us to seek what is good, what is true, and what it beautiful. We seek to create a built environment that is beautiful, that honors home, order, and tradition, and that inculcates the engaged and virtuous citizenry so necessary to the pursuit of the common good within a democratic republic.

2.           We believe that both our public and private lives are made up of a continuous dynamic relationship between the unborn, the living, and the dead. This interaction is what constitutes civil society, and it is a relationship wherein the living do not hold privileged status. Rather, we, the living, must live in communion with the traditions of our forbearers and with the knowledge that we have an obligation to pass on our contributions to this patrimony to our descendants. Therefore, we are committed to being good stewards of our community, to building architecture in the vernacular style of our region and place that honors the memory of those who built before us and maintains balance and harmony with the physical environment. Moreover, we are committed to building using time-tested durable materials and construction methods, knowing that we do not build just for ourselves, but for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Our buildings would be recognizable and intelligible to our forefathers 200 years ago and should remain ready for our descendants’ use 200 years hence.

3.           We believe that a strong local economy is a necessary condition for human flourishing. A town or city cannot thrive without a local economy that provides for the material needs of its citizens, and does so while strengthening the families and communities that form the foundation of a democratic society. Therefore, we are committed to building places that are economically productive, fiscally disciplined, and locally based. Every one of our projects seeks to build the local economy through the use of local capital, labor, and financing to support the growth and flourishing of local citizens, farms, and businesses.