R + T Studio develops, redevelops, and invests in properties in the greater Brazos Valley. We focus on the revitalization of neighborhoods and towns through small, incremental infill projects that build long-term value and contribute to the health and well-being of our local neighborhoods and the flourishing of our communities.



Through our consulting practice, we provide local businesses, governments, and non-profits with the tools and expertise they need to merge good policy with sound development principles to foster long-term, broad-based, organic growth. By merging expertise in public policy, economic and real estate development, and architecture and urban design, R + T Studio is able to provide their clients with streamlined solutions that consider the entire spectrum of city-building issues.


Can you Coach me/Help me with my project?

Yes! We love talking to folks about their projects and helping them get started in the development world. Unfortunately, this often takes away from time we need to spend on work that pays our bills. So, in an effort to bring more discipline to our daily work routine—and to make sure that we can still spend time helping you with your projects—we've set up an easy way for folks to buy some of our time in scheduled 20 minute blocks.

The rate is $80 per 20 minute block. If you would like to schedule a session, please email us at info@rtdevstudio.com to set up a time. You can attach information to your email that will help us understand your project. (There is no charge for any time we spend reviewing your background information). After you schedule your session, come back here and click the 'Make a Payment' button below to pay for your session.